03 August 2010

Now all I need is a rich great-uncle

Introducing: my four newest reasons for wishing Nonexistent Uncle Sebastian would leave me a tidy little sum.

These glass storage containers. I am trying to reduce plastic around here (also chemical cleaners, reduced-fat dairy, microwaves, caffeine, omega-6 fatty acids, and an assortment of other questionable characters . . . but let's save the healthnuttiness for another day). Glass storage is a good option. And while one set of containers wouldn't break the bank, if given the opportunity, I would be acquiring more than just one set!

Beatrix Potter bonanza! It's like every possible Good Thing About Books showed up at the same party. Memorable stories. Charming and beautiful illustrations. Hard covers. A nifty storage box. This screams literary keepsake to me.

Want. This. Knife. Enough said.

Can we go here on vacation? Capaforo, a five-star hotel on the Sicilian island of Salina.

Despite all these "wants," though, don't get the idea that I am pining away for things I cannot have. I am quite content with what God has given me in this season . . . well, okay, usually content. :o)

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