10 August 2010


It's like magic.

I would like to know why smells and sounds can change my whole emotional state in seconds.

Why a certain honey-scented cream reminds me of Turkey. Why black currant tea takes me back to junior year, my wonderful roommate Vanessa, and all the dramatic ups and downs we weathered together. Why Regina Spektor and “Blue Bonnets Over the Border” draw tears out of my eyes. Why the scent of lavender makes me feel safe and peaceful.

Yes, I can make logical connections for each “reminder.” (Vanessa and I drank a lot of black currant tea; my beautiful mother, who was the embodiment of peace and security to me since birth, always smells like lavender.) No mystery there.

But how do these associations happen? How does your brain make those links? Does anyone know, or is that still a magical mystery?

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