25 July 2010

How we amused ourselves in Boston.

Jared and I went on a missions trip to Boston-- well, actually Haverhill, which is not Boston at all-- July 10th through 17th. Twenty-four people from CrossWay went to help King of Grace Church in Haverhill with their VBS, plus do some other outreaches and evangelism in the community. It was fun. It was tiring. It was unforgettable. Most of us were under the age of 20; the energy level (not to mention the noise and silliness level) reflected that. We made new friends at King of Grace and learned a lot about dealing with kids, presenting the Gospel clearly, and (literally) jumping out of our comfort zones.

Some of my favorite parts about the week:
-navigational errors, which provided unplanned sight-seeing in the Bronx, around various highway exits, and on Bear Mountain
-visiting Newburyport, now on the short list of Places I Want to Live, Please
-listening to little kids talk about God
-singing insanely catchy VBS songs at every hour of day and night
-being the only married couple on the trip and therefore making things awkward for all the teenagers
-eating a lot of ice cream
-wearing a sailor hat every day
-all the other members of the team, who astounded me with how hard they worked and how excited they were to share the Gospel!

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