08 June 2010

Student gems

With original content and grammar intact.
-"Being a martyr is very encouraging to your fellow rebels, like Braveheart."
-"In order to be the most productive and successful people that we are capable of being; we must be willing to ignore the opinions of others."
-"The human mind is a mostly logical structure."
-"Worst case scenario is that they go to jail, but if they can lie, and possibly save themselves, they really have nothing to lose."
-"So then we worried that whenever he left and returned the process of her getting used to him would repeat itself."
-"Unbeknown to Fergus, the subject upon which his summons depended upon was that of his education."
-"She thought about that for a second, and realized how corny it sounded, like something out of a chick flick."
-"Ultimately, Jane‘s lifetime of being tyrannized ironically gives her an indomitable sense of self-worth."

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  1. Oooh, I like the last one! Ironical tyranny does have its redeeming qualities, apparently. :)