24 May 2010


I just remembered how much I like sunflowers.

They are easy to grow and boisterously cheerful. They don't put on airs-- sometimes they look beautiful and sometimes they look awkward, but you don't mind the awkward stage because they never promised to be 100% elegant in the first place. The seeds taste great. And of course, sunflowers have that awesome tendency to turn towards the light.

(Were I in a Chestertonian frame of mind, I'd turn this post into an essay on how a Christian's heart ought to follow suit, taking Christ as sunlight. But I'm too sleepy for eloquence. You're welcome.)

Yes, I know. This image is not of sunflowers. But by jiggety, if boisterously cheerful is what you want, they fit the bill. (from Emmelines blogg)

ALSO: Awesome wedding with sunflowers!!! Super classy, yet the joy spills all over the place.

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