26 April 2010

Recent novelties in the life of me.

For the first time ever . . .

I am participating in a yardsale. Our caregroup is throwing a get-rid-of-stuff-and-raise-money-for-the-building yardsale on May 8th. Thus, I'm sorting through our attic. This causes me to make exciting discoveries. (Like Jared's gigantic baseball card collection. ha)

I have a nephew. He is a cutie-face. He also likes to cuddle, which is a big plus in my book. Nothing like having a little person scrunched up on your lap, especially when the little person is:
A) related to you
B) constantly making hilarious "I am having weird dreams!" noises
C) the possessor of an incredible mop of dark hair ::jealous::

I'm giving final exams instead of taking them. Oh sweetness.

I bought five chickens, a big stinkin' chuck roast, two meals' worth of burger patties, three meals' worth of ground beef, and a pound of chorizo all within one week. (Thank you, chest freezer.) I know that doesn't sound like much meat to some of you, and it wouldn't have to me four months ago, but keep in mind that there are only two of us, so that really does constitute "stocking up."

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