07 April 2010

Blogs and Pearls and Such

Now that I'm done with wedding blogs, it's on to house-y blogs. Like Braeburn Farm and My Scandinavian Retreat and Nestled In and Decor Amor. Just what I need-- more websites to check-- but I just tell myself that I'm a young inexperienced wife and need inspiration.

It's actually just eye candy.

Oh well.

I've become ridiculously Suzy Homemaker-like. On Sunday I put on a shirtdress and pearls and was delighted with how 50's I felt. Rather like this:

Yup. A sale on strawberries makes me really excited. So does a weedless flower bed. So does getting oil spots out of Jared's baseball hat. Apparently, it doesn't take much to amuse me these days-- I don't care though. What's wrong with loving your job? :)

Now excuse me, I need to go fold towels.

p.s. For certain interested parties (you know who you are), I got a haircut yesterday.

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