10 December 2009

Flawed Faces

Girls, if you've ever felt-- and you probably have-- that you have a flawed face, these three links are for you.

Beauty Skin Deep by Suzanne Gosselin

Distorted Beauty by Carolyn Mahaney

Face Value by Jessica Inman

I have struggled with severe skin rashes since I was 12, and it hasn't been much fun. Nevertheless, I know that God has used this "flaw" to sanctify me and to highlight the folly of relying on outward beauty. It's easy to think that physical imperfections make you less valuable, less worthy of love. But when looking to the Cross of Christ, when meditating on God's constant care and His promises to keep you until the end, you see undeniable proof that you are loved and cherished by the Lord of the universe. That's astounding. That's life-transforming. That puts deeper joy in your heart thatn any cosmetic product can.