12 November 2009

For Tea Dorks

If you are not a tea dork, don't even bother with this post.

But if you are a tea dork...

LOOK LOOK LOOK! This pyramidal infuser is so cool! And this one is even better! And Republic of Tea's special blends for children are incredibly adorable! And serving tea in glass is always awesome!!!

The end.


  1. Pretty sure I qualify as a tea dork, seeing that when I unpacked my collection of teas last weekend, they covered the entire kitchen table.

    Have you tried a "cream Earl Grey"? I love TeaLuxe's Creme de la Earl Gray (http://bit.ly/2pbPgP). It was the house tea, so to speak, at my wedding.

  2. mmm! :) Sarah Wright got some wonderful looseleaf kids tea called Swamp (so the grown-ups won't know it's good ;)) and it has little candy pieces in it!