06 November 2009

Delightful Discoveries of a Recent Date

These are very nice, funny, beautiful, or otherwise worthy-of-sharing things I've discovered lately (somewhere between cake testing and dress alterations).

Mad Craft Group. They sell all sorts of wonderful papers and inks and other crafty goodness. It's like A.C. Moore, but cheaper (and free shipping on orders over $35). This is where I ordered the lovely embossed paper for our invitations.

Stemless wine glasses. Highly nontraditional, but whatever-- I think these are sweet. They don't tip over like those silly stemmed ones, which is an important consideration in a household with lots of active children, who seem to spill something at almost every meal. And anyway, they look cool.

Gorgeous letters! This is a blog by a graphic artist, who posts a decorative capital letter (you know, like illuminated manuscripts would have) every day. It's fabulous. Go look.

Pastry Paris. Pictures of Paris and dessert. Come on, how much better can you get?


  1. so fun....thanks for sharing! =)

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