22 September 2009

My Favorite Things #9

Today, my two favorite Hot Beverage Makers.

A glass infuser teapot. Put a heaping tablespoon of loose-leaf tea in the infuser basket, pour in hot water, wait a few minutes. Voila, excellent tea with a beautiful presentation. My glass teapot doesn't look exactly like this, but close enough . . .
A French press coffeemaker. My parents have the largest size (I think it's the largest anyway) and I have a smaller one. Again, it is super easy to use and looks classy in the meantime; measure out coarse-ground coffee, pour in hot water, stir and let steep. Then gently push down to strain out the grounds. I do like glass.

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, I've always wanted a french press coffee maker. Definitely first on my list when I move into an apartment.