08 September 2009

My Favorite Things #7

Ziploc bags. Goodness, they have a million uses, from shredded lettuce to Latin flashcards. They make packing so easy, because clothing is compressed once you squish out the air and seal the bag. They fit into corners where solid boxes don't. They also make barriers where needed: wet swimsuits stay away from the rest of your suitcase, while onions stay away from the less pungent inhabitants of the refrigerator.

Besides, ziploc bags come in many handy sizes, so you can always find one to fit, whether you have a long baguette or a tiny collection of hairpins. I took a box of them to Turkey, and it was one of the best decisions of the trip.

No, I am not being paid by a plastic-bag-company to promote their products. haha :)

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