07 July 2009

Nerdiest Cool Thing Ever

Haha, oh man, this is amazing. Judith gave me a Shakespeare Globe as a graduation present, and I just put it together yesterday. Get this: ten-inch 3D cardboard globe, in four colors, crisp ink, and quotations from Shakespeare all over it. I kid you not. But not just any quotations. They're cartographical quotations about India and the Orient, about Spain and the Azores, about ocean currents and tropical winds. All in the correct spot on the globe, so that (for example) Antarctica has lines about "thick ribbed ice" and "frozen mountain-tops."

Plus there's a sheet of paper that lists every place that Shakespeare uses the words "globe," "world," and similar terms. Ahh . . . I can't stand the awesomeness. Maps maps maps. And SHAKESPEARE!!!

Why yes, I majored in English. How could you tell?

Anyway, to see pictures and to order your own Shakespeare Globe, visit this link.

1 comment:

  1. That strikes me as the best graduation gift that could possibly be given to an English major! Have fun with it! :)