17 June 2009

Thankful Thursdays: That To Which I Am Addicted

I'm posting early because I may not have time tomorrow. :)
Okay, maybe I shouldn't give thanks for being addicted-- haha. But now that I'm hooked, I'm awfully glad the following things exist:

TIC TACS. Also ORBIT GUM. I love minty things that come in small portable quantities.

MY WATER BOTTLE. I feel rather lost without carrying water with me. Ever since my trip to Turkey, I've been a little camel, always guzzling water and stashing it in my purse or backpack.

CLASSICAL MUSIC. It's great for homework, cleaning projects, washing dishes, planning classes, dancing, dinner parties, and just about everything else. Pandora comes in handy here. My "Yo-Yo Ma" station gets a lot of use.

DOWN VESTS. Also PASHMINA SCARVES. If I'm going to be an icicle all the time (which it seems that I am), I may as well be stylish about it.

CAFFEINE. I'll take it in any form. Coffee, tea, or chocolate. You know that Kristen Chenoweth song "Taylor the Latte Boy?" That's me. Caffeine makes me happy happy happy.

Luke took the picture below while we were in Winter Harbor, a tiny and beautiful town in Maine. We found a great cafe with coffee and freshly baked pastries, and there was much rejoicing.

Incidentally, if you have never heard that "Latte Boy" song, you should. It's hilarious. Look it up on YouTube.


  1. Yep, never heard the Latte song but I'm sure I would appreciate it. :) It's refreshingly wonderful to read your blog. I miss you! Right now I'm watching "Buscando Nemo"
    Love, Julia
    p.s. can we try to skype soon?

  2. You have good addictions! I share a lot of them. :)