06 May 2009

Thankful Thursdays: Bittersweet

This song by the Mexican rock band Reik perfectly expresses the pain I feel at saying goodbye to everyone at college. In sum: when you love deeply, leaving wounds you deeply. The more good memories, the more trust and understanding you've built up over the past four years, the greater the difficulty of departure. So though this is technically a love song (duh, it's in Spanish, what else do they ever write about?) it still fits the situation very well.

Me duele amarte
Sabiendo que ya te perdi
Tan solo quedara la lluvia
Mojando mi llanto
Y me hablara de ti

Me duele amarte
Los sueƱos que eran para ti
Se pierden con cada palabra
Con cada momento que espere vivir
Me duele mas imaginar
Que tu te vas y dejaras
Detras de ti
Tu ausencia en mis brazos
Me duele tanto sospechar
Que ni tu sombra volvera
Para abrigar mi alma en pedazos

Me duele amarte asi
Hasta morir
Lanzandome a la nada viendote partir
Me duele aquel Abril
Cuando te vi
Por vez primera y dije que eras para mi
Me duele amarte tanto

[It hurts me to love you,
Knowing that I have already lost you
If only the rain could stay,
Drowning my weeping,
And if only it could speak to me about you

It hurts me to love you
The dreams that were for your sake
Are lost with each word,
With every moment that I expect to live
It hurts me more to imagine
That you will go and you will leave
Behind you
Your absence in my arms
It hurts me so much to imagine
That not even your shadow will return
To shelter my soul, all in pieces

It hurts me to love you this way,
Until I die
Throwing myself at nothing, watching you depart
That April hurts me now,
When I saw you
For the first time, and I said that you were for me
It hurts me to love you so much]

And now everyone is thinking, wait a minute, Rebekah. Isn't this Thankful Thursday? Where is the joy? Why so glum? Yes, yes. I know what day it is. Give me a moment.

Here's why I am actually glad to struggle with my departure. In this case, you see, pain is a proof of affection. And therefore I know that there is genuine love between me and my friends here. If it were easy to leave, wouldn't that be sad in itself?

As things stand, it is certainly not easy . . .

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  1. Suena mucho mejor en Espanol, mas poetico :)
    te abrazare muy pronto,
    tu mami