18 April 2009

I Am Weird.

As if we needed any more evidence of that . . .

But to prove the point, it has recently been brought to my attention that I eat some very strange things. Crunchy pears. Unsweetened yogurt. Raw spaghetti noodles. Slightly burned toast. Carrots with peanut butter. Apples with ricotta cheese. Orange marmalade on a spoon. Frozen brownies, frozen grapes, frozen muffins. Cold chili, cold fettucini, cold pancakes. Kidney beans for breakfast. Pickles and chickpeas for lunch. Sometimes I open a can of tuna and eat it plain, without salt or mayo or anything.

Where did I get such odd tendencies


  1. :D

    Not much of that sounds appetizing to me.

  2. Carrots with peanut butter and frozen grapes are not strange things...

  3. I am glad to hear someone else eats frozen food, too! I prefer eating frozen pizza to baked pizza, and I have been known to eat frozen muffins on occasion. And those microwave burritos? When I do eat them (seldom), I eat them frozen.