26 March 2009

Thankful Thursdays: A Disguised Blessing

A few days before spring break, I jammed three metatarsals in my right foot during highland dance practice. Now I am limping around campus, waiting until I have time to go to the chiropractor and get this fixed. No dancing for me. Our concert is this weekend, but I have to miss it.

So . . . why does this make me thankful? Let me explain. I have a Very Important Thesis due on Monday and it's eating my life. I cannot imagine how (much more) stressed and tired I would be if I had to attend three-hour dance practices every night. Oddly, then, my injured foot has reduced stress. Isn't that ironic? God apparently wanted to tell me that I was too busy. He chose a rather painful way to do it, but I am glad He did.

P.S. Another thing to be thankful for: getting dark chocolate in the mail.

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