18 February 2009

Thankful Thursdays: Friends During the Flu

Well, I've had the flu for the past few days. Not too pleasant. But even in the midst of my headache and coughing, I was delighted to receive the condolences, gifts, and humor of many kind friends. I feel very well cared for.

So a special "thank you" to:

- Jessica, for bringing me homemade soup and bread
- Brooke, for bringing me Tylenol and collecting Saga oranges
- Kellie, for carrying all those oranges down the hill
- Keaton, for sending me YouTube diversions
- Hannah and Lydia, for calling with a get-well-soon song
- Luke, for calling with his own wonderful self
- Marta, for taking extra notes in Spanish class
- Gretchen, for being my cough drop angel
- Gwen, for giving me fresh coffee cake
- Rachel, for adding my requests to her shopping list
- Chris, Nathan, Fritz, Allen, Ike, Thomas, and Walter, for showing up outside my door last night in their classiest serenading glory
- Judith, for letting the guys break visitation rules

I love you all. :o)

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