13 January 2009

There Be Snow

What to do when your college campus looks like a snowglobe:
Put on your boots. Walk around with an umbrella pretending that you're Tumnus the Faun. Have Elizabethan icicle duels. Stand in the middle of the quad, sticking out your tongue to catch snowflakes. Recite snow poems. Wear a black scarf and marvel at how the flakes' intricate designs show up against the dark fabric. Sing Christmas carols loudly even though it isn't Christmas. Jump into drifts. Track messages in the snow (especially in front of people's houses). Build a fort. Build a snow family. Grab some cookie sheets and go sledding. Try to count snowflakes, give up, and then realize that God knows each one individually. Run inside for hot chocolate.

"First Snow"
Snow makes whiteness where it falls.
The bushes look like popcorn-balls.
The places where I always play
Look like somewhere else today.
-Marie Louise Allen


  1. So many childhood memories wrapped up in that poem. What happened to that little girl? She is a womam now.

  2. This post was perfect. I so enjoyed reading it. :) Maybe there will be a little snow when I visit in a few weeks. That would be magic.