10 January 2009

Moving Back In

Unpacking takes much longer than packing, mostly because I stacked a bunch of hatboxes and crates and rugs and hampers and hangers and tea mugs on top of my bed before break. That was so housekeeping could shampoo the rugs . . . which is very nice, but a pain to unravel now. In the process, however, I have found interesting things that I forgot I possessed, and have thrown away plenty of junk too (making good progress with Resolution #6).

This is what my room looked like at 3:00 Saturday afternoon:

And here's what it looked like before I went to bed:

Pretty good, huh? Finally, here is the list of Exciting Discoveries Made While Organizing:

-chocolate truffles
-another scarf from Turkey
-a Harper's Bazaar Magazine from last summer
-ribbons and stationery
-forgotten coffee mugs
-a blank black Moleskine
-Christmas music I've never listened to, and shall posthaste (I don't believe in limiting Christmas music to December)
-expensive hair products that I definitely didn't buy, so must have received as a present somewhere
-plenty of dust

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