25 January 2009

In Which There Are Small Children

I really enjoyed church today, and not because of the worship or the message. Nope, it was the kids. Not to say that the worship or message was bad, by the way, but since I was in the nursery all morning, that kind of knocks me out of the rest of it. :)

When I spend an hour with a bunch of toddlers, it really puts the rest of church service into perspective. These are the young lives that will be shaped by what their parents hear in the sermon; these are the little people who will hear every word we say, learn every hymn we sing, imitate every act of devotion (and soberingly, every sin) they see us do. The songs and theology that seem to belong exclusively to the "grown up world" have significant effects on the nitty-gritty details of life, not only for us, but for each child in that nursery. We don't act alone when we are part of the Body of Christ. When one member grows, the others rejoice and reap the rewards alongside him. But when one member falls, the others suffer too.

It's a good reminder for me as a college student, frequently lost in the clouds of my own academics. All the things I learn will someday affect my brothers and sisters in Christ. That web of influence extends through space, through time, through many ages and personalities.

They say that no man is an island. I think that's especially true for the Church.

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  1. Rebekah, thank you for your young-womanly insight. It helps me to know that young adults can, by the help of the Spirit, see the opportunity they have to impact the Body, both positively and negatively. We don't live life alone, even when we naively think we do. It's great to hear your love and interest in a generation younger than yourself...and I know you love the "older" generation!