03 December 2008

Thankful Thursdays: Packages

I love snail mail. Everyone knows this. And if you didn't, take that as a hint to send me some. :) Anyway, I've received two packages in the past week, which has made me a very happy person.

First came a box full of love from the girls at CrossWay. Wow, that was amazing. Fuzzy socks! Truffles! Numi tea! Stationary! Gee whiz. Could it get any better? Then today, I got something less sentimental but equally valuable: an external hard drive big enough to back up my entire laptop. Mind you, this puchase is not merely practical . . . few things I do ARE merely practical . . . you see, it's slick, shiny, and a "sexy red color" (to quote my cynical father) and thus has some serious style. Good times all around.

So today I'm thankful for the postal service, for thoughtful friends, and for technology that works!

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