22 October 2008

Thankful Thursday: Now For Something Completely Different

I know, it's only Wednesday. But I am SO grateful for a couple of the things on this list, I couldn't wait! This week, I decided to express thankfulness for things which don't exist.

1) Midterms. I conquered my last one today!
2) Hunger. Not only does Saga give me fifteen all-I-can-eat meals a week, I get wonderful food from church, Bible studies, friends, and my own experimenting.
3) The flu. Despite an occasional fit of sneezing, I've gone through two weeks of stress and late nights without getting sick.
4) Loneliness. My suitemates, classmates, dancing buddies, study buddies, and "adopted family" take care of that. In fact, I should probably impose some loneliness on myself for the next couple days before we go to Stratford Shakespeare Festival. Otherwise, I'll never get my homework done!

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