09 October 2008

Thankful Thursday: "I Don't Feel It"

I was reading Edwards's essay "On Religious Affections" last night and was particularly struck by this passage.

"Spiritual light may be let into the soul in one way, when it is not in another. So there is such a thing as the saints trusting in God, and also knowing their good estate, when they are destitute of some kinds of experience."
-Jonathan Edwards

For those of us feeling spiritually empty, Edwards advises that we look a little harder. God is with us, and He is faithful. His work lets in "spiritual light" in unexpected ways. Do we have enough to eat today? Are we safe from danger, and free to worship the Lord as we wish? Is God creating beauty in the world around us? Do we see evidences of His sanctifying grace? And above all, don't we know beyond a doubt that He has made us...saved us by His son...and even now sustains us?

Now, that knowledge may not immediately stir up the "experience" that we want. However, it TRUE, and our fickle emotions are not! Keep your eyes fixed on God and the eternal inheritance you have in him. It's constant, even if the "spiritual light" seems to be flickering. And for that, I'm deeply thankful.

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