26 September 2008

Thankful Thursdays: Free Apples

I know it's a day late; Blogger had an outage yesterday. But in any case, here I am, with photographs of yesterday's late-night cooking project. (This is how I amuse myself while sitting desk. Homework? What's that?)

The charitable and disinterested Mu Alphas gave me two huge bags of apples from the tree in their backyard. (Maybe not so disinterested, as they've since benefited from the pies and cakes I have baked using their gift...but we must assume the best.)

Peel, core, slice. Repeat.

After a little cooking, they grew softer...and started to smell really good. The cinnamon, nutmeg, and honey I added doubtless helped with the aroma.

Then they got mushy! This is one of the only times you actually want food to disintegrate.

With a lot of simmering and smashing, those ugly (sorry guys, you don't grow very attractive fruit) apples produced some top-notch applesauce! I'm planning to bake apple-cinnamon bread this weekend, and I still have enough for another pie and maybe more sauce. I'm reveling in the abundance of fresh fruit, and the best part is that I don't have to eat all of this myself: college campuses cause food to vanish almost immediately.


  1. how does one cook while sitting at a desk? You are a very resourceful person, I know!

    Mrs. Odell

  2. Well, I guess I cheated. Though I peeled apples and rolled pie crust in the lobby, I did have to run into the kitchen (leaving the lobby unattended...horrors!) for a few things. But no one invaded the dorm while I was gone, so no harm done. I know, I'm such a model of conscientiousness. ;)

  3. yum! that's so cool that you made some homemade apple sauce! I miss apples...I hear they're rare in Texas :(