18 September 2008

Thankful Thursday: Cheap Stuff

The Women's Commissioners Rummage Sale was yesterday. I had fun shopping instead of doing homework...

Beautiful red satin ballgown for a quarter.

Sweet coffee mug (from Wales! with a Welsh castle on the front!) for fifteen cents.

I got a lot more, but these were handiest when I wanted to take pictures. :) For a total of $15.90, I purchased two wool sweaters, two skirts, seven glass jars with cork tops, three kitchen knives, a skillet, a glass pie dish, and of course the mug and gown. I call that a good day's work.


  1. Atta girl way to get those bargains!!


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  3. lovely!
    i miss you
    and i miss thrift shopping!
    today i went on a little walking tour with some christians who are part of agape (campus crusade for christ, except in the uk), and the guys who were leading it were complaining about a thrift store their wives like to frequent - so i'll be checking that out soon. : )