18 June 2008

My Rug Came

The infamous Turkish carpet arrived via UPS today. I hope you worriers are happy :)

A couple more pictures:

Breakfast in Antioch. They had great bread here.

In front of the library of Celsus. The second largest library of the ancient world, smaller only than the one at Alexandria; since it had to do with books, I MUST have my picture with it.

The gymnasium at Sardes. It's rather gigantic, as you can see by comparing the pillars to Duncan.

Chris and Walter found a see-saw at Alexandria Troas.

Delicious salad, back in Istanbul eating dinner on the terrace at sunset!

Betsy and Joy on our Bosporus cruise.

Arzu and the Blade chit-chat as we wait for the bus in Taksim Square.

That's all folks! Thanks for reading the blog and keeping tabs on me as I ran around Europe and Asia. Hope you've enjoyed it.

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