19 May 2008

Now, Where Was I?

All right then. Let me tell you about Turkish Night in Cappadocia. I don't have many pictures because I was way too busy doing other things. :)

So we went to this underground cave place for a Turkish night dinner. They served us loads of food: bread with about nine spreads including hummus, cheese, lemon yogurt, and spinach. Then meatballs and sausage. Then phyllo layered with feta and egg. Then roast lamb and bulgur. Then baklava and kiwi. YEAH! Also, really good Cappadocian wine and the local licorice-flavored liquor called "raki" (the drinking age is only 18 here, so we're all legal). It was all delicious, and besides the meal, we got constant entertainment. See, the room was a very large circular room, rather like an amphitheater, going down to a wooden dance floor in the center. The seats were sectioned for each tour group, so that we could all sit together. Anyway, there were dancers an musicians all through dinner, going at it on the dance floor...and what's more, it was interactive. Que divertido! The dancers kept running up into the crowd and grabbing guests to join in.

Joy and I were snatched up immediately, and so we got to participate in a traditional wedding dance between the appetizers and the main meal, lol. Later, they pulled about half the crowd out onto the floor, and we did a circular sort of dance that spiraled around the whole room. I wish I had pictures; but, being in the middle of the action, I didn't have much of a chance. Jody was snapping photos and also videotaping Joy and I, though, so one of these days I'll get some documentation.

Arzu (our tour guide) got the Turkish Night people to play extra music for our group, since we're kind of dance-crazy. Everything from waltz to tango. We went to bed so very very late, but from the dancing (and probably the wine, haha) we were all super tired and slept very very well.

We're in Urfa with a sporadic internet connection at the moment, so I may not be able to post for a while! I will probably have to skip several days, but don't worry, people: we'll have a grand old slide show viewing when I get home. I have SO many pictures, and so do my friends. And they have most of the cool ones of me (like Rebekah in the storage alcove, and Rebekah perched at the top of a towering cliff, and Rebekah doing other crazy and high-up things).

Much love,



  1. oohh wine.....
    My daughter being corrupted in Turkey...oh the shame of it!!!


  2. Mmmm... the Turkish night sounds delightful. You could even dare to call it Turkish Delight. ;-) It is too bad that you don't have pictures, but I certainly would have done the same thing that you did and forsaken photography. Well, see you later!
    ~* Kiera

  3. Don't worry, Dad. I only had two glasses. ;)