25 January 2013

Weekend linkage

"Listen. Your mom is good at words and cooking. Not math."
-Jared tells Tadpole the facts of life


Pregnancy happenings: Just over 10 weeks until my due date (though of course, who knows when she will actually decide to come). Dear me. That doesn't sound like very long, does it? Unsurprisingly, my belly is now big enough to make sleeping on my back a less than appealing endeavor. Armed with a pillow for my head, a pillow for between my legs, and a pillow for beneath my stomach -- Jared is in awe of the apparatus I seem to require for a good night's sleep-- onto my side I go!

We have a murder mystery costume party tomorrow night. I promise to take pictures and post them next week. :)


Downton Abbey, Facebook-style. ("O'Brien is no longer friends with Thomas.")

A waiter stands up for his customers.

"Cuisine plagiarism": fierce conflict over the provenance of stuffed grape leaves. I can't decide if I am amused or annoyed that a country would keep an official Intangible Cultural Heritage List and then fight over it.

Excellent post about taking spiritual responsibility. "The Lord has given me family and friends to walk with me and be a blessing to me, but they are gifts--not fixers. He is the fixer."


A reflection on Proverbs 3:11-12. "It does not honor God to dwell on our sin, and in our sin. It honors Him to flee from it into His arms."

What is the real value of "artisan" coffeemaking? (This article covers far more than coffee culture. I recommend reading it even if you could care less about the process behind your espresso.)

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  1. Oh good! I was hoping someone would take lots of pictures of the mystery dinner and post them. :-)